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The municipality's emergency preparedness

Emergencies and disasters may cover a wide variety of events. These may refer to a large fire requiring evacuation or a traffic accident leaving several injured. An emergency may also be a damaged water mains network with undrinkable water or serious interruptions to electricity or district heating supplies.

Crisis management

Huddinge Municipality has a special organization and preparedness for handling an emergency situation or an extraordinary event.

The municipal executive board is the crisis management committee, and in situations of heightened preparedness, it is the municipal executive board that is responsible for the management of activities.

Plan for extraordinary events (99 KB), in Swedish

Regulations for the crisis management committee (17 KB), in Swedish

The POSOM organization

POSOM refers to psychological and social care. POSOM is called in when there are larger accidents and disasters, where society's general resources are usually not enough.

Social services is responsible for arranging a collection point, accommodation, feeding, interpreters, the transport of individuals and for facilitating communication with relatives.

Emergency planning for the activities

Each committee is responsible for ensuring that a plan is in place for emergencies and disasters in its own area of activity.

For the social services, child-care, compulsory school, elderly care, care services for the disabled as well as for environmental protection and health protection, a plan must be in place for those activities that must always function.

Contact the relevant department if you want to know more

Voluntary resource group

The municipality collaborates with the Huddinge Civil Defence Association to provide a voluntary resource group (FRG).

FRG may assist with transport, practical help in child-care, schools, elderly care and technical administration on the basis of given directives.

The resource group may also help to distribute information leaflets from the municipality

Agreement on resource groups ((27 KB), in Swedish

Information about the voluntary resource group (FRG) (61 KB), in Swedish

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