New Garden International Preschool

New Garden International Preschool is a Swedish- and English-speaking independent preschool located in beautiful Vårby.

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About us

We conduct bilingual activities, with both Swedish-speaking and English-speaking pedagogues, so that the children naturally encounter and develop both languages ​​continuously.

We are the small preschool with great faith in the children's competence. With us, every child gets the opportunity to through joyful activities develop into self-confident, independent and curious individuals. We meet each child at their level and together we explore the world - everyone can join!

Our work is based on the curriculum for the preschool and current laws and educational documents. To ensure that we maintain good quality, our own control documents and quality reports are drawn up, developed and followed up.

New Garden International Preschool is located in a residential area, with great proximity to nature, and offers activities for 40 children spread over three departments. The food we serve comes from a catering company.

We who work at New Garden International Preschool are passionate about our profession. In order to constantly be able to offer the children a challenging and developing teaching environment, the pedagogues undergo continuous competence development.

During the summer, as well as two weeks during Christmas/New Year, all preschools in the company are merged to be able to offer a temporary preschool to children whose guardians work or study during these weeks.

Where the temporary preschool is organized is decided and informed about before each merge.

Opening hours

We adapt our opening hours based on the children's stay within the time interval 06.30–18.00.

Once a month, New Garden International Preschool closes at 3:45 p.m., so ensure that the staff participate in skills development workplace meetings.

This is how we work

In addition to the constant language development focus from which all our teaching and training is based, we also work creatively with norms. We believe in the richness of diversity!

In our work, differences are encouraged and we believe in a norm-creative pedagogy to create acceptance, understanding, respect and openness – key ingredients in a democratic society.

In order for the children to flourish, a good self-esteem is required. We want to give all children the chance to develop into strong, self-confident, fearless and knowledge-thirsty individuals, regardless of their circumstances.

We pay attention to and make use of learning in all every day situations - everything from creation and meals to conflicts and hall situations. The children's thoughts, interests and needs form the basis of our activities, which means that both the environment and pedagogy are under constant development.

Outdoor activities is one of the most important parts of our education, both on our own yard and out in nature. The proximity to forest and water makes it possible for us to follow the changes of the year in a joyful way and learn about plants and animals.

Parent cooperation

We take a great importance in creating good relationships and good cooperation with every child’s family. We strive to create an open climate, characterized by good communication, where the families are involved in the design of the business.

We invite you to induction meetings, follow-up meetings, drop-in activities and various celebrations. In addition, we offer development discussions once per semester.

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